Paintings - 2022-2023

In the spirit of time being non linear and an interval of space I am including here work made in 2020 and 2021 as these works are part of a body of work which is still in progress, still developing. 

An Apparition of Colour, acrylic on canvas 2022 (private collection)

mixture of earth/answer x time, 85x100cm, acrylic on canvas 

a slight mixture of the fine powder of bise, 85x100cm, acrylic on canvas 

An Apparition of Colour - pink, acrylic on canvas 2023

An Apparition of Colour - warm, acrylic on canvas 2023

An Apparition of Colour - reflective, 2023

reflectiveness of the paint and of the aluminium sheets cut to the shape of the dream drawing.

Experiment into the right angle necessary to create a gentle upturn of spirits,
60x80x4cm acrylic on board 2022. Selected for the RHA Annual Exhibition 2022

Precursor Experiment 60x80cm acrylic on board 2022

Experiment into Regularity of Form and its Effect on ones Mood acrylic on board 2023 Selected for the RHA Annual Exhibition 2023 (private collection)

Experiment into the Effect the Distraction of a Bright Colour can have on the Bodymind
acrylic on board 60x80cm 2023

Experiment in Listening - currents
acrylic on board 60x80cm 2024

Experiment into the Depth of a Blue while it is in Relation to a Slice of Orange
acrylic on board 50x60cm 2023 

Sonorous Waves ii, 90x110cm, acrylic on canvas, 2024

In September 2023 I was on residency at Uillinn, The West Cork Arts Centre. I was following up on some research for my upcoming book Irish Moss of a Dead Man’s Skull (The Owl Circus) creating Experiments in Listening. I had the opportunity to make more internalum paintings while I was there. I was quite taken by the colour of the water and spent the month moving between the studio and the sea.
I received bursary funding from Fingal Arts Office for the residency and Mayo Arts Office in preparation. I am extremely grateful for this funding as it is what makes the work possible. 

The works and photos are concurrent. I don’t work from the photos. What they do is show what I am looking at and recording and choosing afterwards as the representations of that time, place and internal workspace.