Sublime Reverie - an ongoing series of paintings

... began in 2017 when I was thinking about the idea of paradise as a walled garden. There is an ever-changing perfection in the relationship between sea, sky, land, night and day where I live. The depths of information and infinite combinations have all the markers of a bucolic paradise.

Utopia  "an imagined 'place' or state of things in which everything is perfect." has a twist in that its origin is ‘ou topos’ or no place. Inherent in the idea of perfection is the sense of non-existence.

As a painter I have recourse in the space of the canvas. It is my utopia, that area where I can find a perfect form, where I have first and last say in the structure and atmosphere. So the criteria for each of these works is that it’s elements must relate to one another in such a way as to create the exact right or true alignment
-for me. 
Sublime Reverie i-ix - shown at the Claremorris Gallery in April 2018
xiv- xviii shown at ‘Experiments and Considerations - The Dream Drawing at Aras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet in November 2019

All works are 45x35cm or 17.7x13.7"
acrylic on board


Experiments and Considerations - The Dream Drawing and Sublime Reverie- Winter
Aras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet. November 2019