Before 2006 - a selection of work

intuitive, wordless.
non conceptual.
the organisation of space.
informed by place and surroundings.
painted in New York City studios, apartments, on the road 
acrylic on paper
most in private collections

Digress - 11x11” 2004

decided 15x11"


This years crop of kisses" 26x22"

Belonging- a series of paintings

Every Tuesday in 2004/5 I took the train in to the studio on West 26th St from upstate, NY. I got a coffee, lunch and a piece of cake. I put on Bjorks greatest hits and selected a slide or a photo from the many I had taken over the years from a moving van or train and painted.
Each work is 30x44” acrylic on
paper printed with masking fluid.
the place and date the photo was taken is noted in the title along with the defining feature.

This shed is on the N5 heading east from Mayo to Dublin. It was first obscured by a ‘Jesus I Trust in You’ sign and now also by hedge. At the time it struck me as the perfect example of Irish roadside sheds. 

unpainted travel photos

4 barn images 30x44” acrylic on paper 2002

Photo taken in the studio of and by my dear friend Steven Corsano.

I moved to New York in 1993 right after graduating from college in Dublin. New York was a Scorsese movie, it was Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan! I worked in a bank for a few months. I worked at Sin É, the Irish music cafe on St Marks Place where Jeff Buckley made us feel dreamy every Monday night. I got adventurous and gave up all to paint full time. I painted murals in midtown Irish bars working high up on scaffolding with the builders. I collaborated and travelled. I was on the road, in Colorado and California for a year. This is when I discovered that I liked to be on the edge, next to the sea, or at the very least a river. I worked outdoors painting abstractly on the streets around SoHo. I became adept at noticing celebrities in all their guises. I painted and painted put in my 10,000 hours of practice. I sold paintings to The Westin in Times Square, to New York University Law School, Macy’s Department store; to Simon Baker The Guardian and Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and my favourite, to countless couples choosing their first piece of art together. In 2004 I spent a year of Tuesdays listening to Bjorks greatest hits painting one “Belonging” painting a day, staying in the studio until it was finished. I moved every year, either studio or home. (If I wasn’t a painter I would own a moving company.) In 2006 I needed a change so I made a change. I needed a transformation and the “Breakup Paintings” provided that energetic opportunity. I began to work on canvas 72”x52”. A size proportional to my body, to my reach. I use a notebook. Ideas are fleeting, they must be noted. I take photos as documents of states and situations which prompt the paintings. I am an abstractionist.. mostly.

Foundation year NCAD 1989.