‘This group will be focused, not on a particular technique, but on ways to become really familiar with and strengthen one’s individual creative expression. Open for discussion will be all the parts that go into making work. We will concentrate on: inspiration, materials, the studio space and time, practice, when and how to show work, title, create an inventory, artist statement, photographing, pricing, presentation and letting go of work. We can discuss the art markets which are many, fluid and fast changing but it will not be the primary focus.’
I am mentoring through a Canadian based but worldwide online mentoring for artists organisation.  

Once a month on Mondays at 7-9pm (GMT) a small group (5-8 people) meet to discuss their work, receive feedback, and get assignments. During the month the group will check in and support each other.  


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Abstraction Workshop

Weeklong Painting Workshop:  30 May - 7th June 2024
Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, Ireland

This is a painting workshop focused, not on a particular technique, but on exploring the world of abstraction.

Immersed in this unique environment, delve into the real unseen.

Ballycastle and the surrounding rural area is steeped in history, mythology and natural wonder. An immersed experience of it all enriches creativity. Abstraction, as a form, allows for the expression of a myriad of situations and energies. To step into this unknown territory we will gather sensory information, loosen up the hand and get inspiration flowing.

The requirements are curiosity and openness to experimentation. It is especially useful for those in transition, those facing a creative block, anyone who would like to expand horizons or those, like me, truly passionate about abstraction!

Daily assistance will be given in the execution of work in the form of morning group sessions. The aim of the weekend immersion is to create a situation in which you gather precious internal resources, prompted by the working and outside environment, and possibly unearth the impetus for a lifetime of work.

There will be an emphasis on collection of information, flights of fancy, profound realisation. The resulting work can take any form; painting on paper, notebook work and drawing will be encouraged as starting points.

The week will be comprised of morning meetings, walks, time to work in studio, slide presentations and communal dinners.

Travel Information:
- travel to Ballina, Co.Mayo from Dublin Ireland
by bus (
or train (

The workshop fee does not include bus/rail transport, but does include transport to and from Ballina for your arrival and departure.

Additional Details:
Ballinglen Arts Foundation is located in the rural town of Ballycastle, County Mayo.
There are obvious marks of continuous habitation for 6000 years in this part of the country. see Ceide Fields (a 6000 year old Neolithic site)
The beach is about a mile from the town and there are numerous loop walks that are easily accessed.

you can email me with questions about class content or materials.

WEATHER! There is no bad weather only the wrong clothes for the weather we have! Layers, hat, scarf, gloves, a waterproof jacket, trousers makes life easier. wool socks if you have them. the average temp in June is 70 degrees F. The centre and the workshop building are well heated but outdoor weather can be "changeable" !