I had a dream of diaphanous, shining, and colour’d bodies. In a timeless moment, in my vision there is a complete, curved, suspended and moving drawing; One slim piece joined to the other - a multiform my dream-self took to be a body drawing. I awoke and drew a note. With this diffused image perpetually on the periphery of thought, I proceeded. This work, The Dream Drawing, is an embodiment of that single dream image.

Dream time and waking time are not separate and distinct, but form a whole which can create circular waves through our days and nights. Dream state is as active in colour and form as waking. The shape here extends from the observed and felt landscape of body, land, water, non-gendered, everyday. Overlapping like breath, these shapes of colour and light enter and retreat though the eye, under foot, in and out through my hands. Air turns it, enlivening the line which appears and disappears, colour plays with reflected light.
These are the layers of one whole life.

Experiments and Considerations - The Dream Drawing Exhibition

at Áras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet, Co. Mayo.
November 2019 - January 10th 2020.

RADIO INTERVIEW. "Artist Nuala Clarke chats to Séan Gallagher about her new exhibition at Áras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet" Erris FM

Images: The Dream Drawing and details
spacial drawing installation
dimensions variable, acrylic on paper + monofilament, 2019.

"I might put you in mind, that 'tis usual for dreaming men to think they see the Images that appear to them in their sleep, adorn'd some with this, and some with that lively Colour, whilst yet, both the curtains of their bed, and those of their eyes are close drawn."

- Robert Boyle, "Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours " 1664